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Running together to improve the lives of all residents

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Larry McKnight

Larry is a lifelong resident of Meadville. He graduated from Thiel College and studied sociology and criminal justice at Edinboro University. He worked in the medical field as a respiratory therapist and in social service as a counselor at Bethesda Youth Services and VisionQuest. At Community Alternative, he served as therapeutic support staff for children with emotional and mental challenges. More recently, he has worked as a driver for the Crawford Area Transportation Authority (CATA) and Hubbard Bus Company. Larry was first elected to Meadville City Council in 2019, following a successful cooperative campaign with Autumn Vogel.  He is seeking re-election in order to address some of the economic issues that burden Meadville residents, particularly those who are lower- and middle-income. His main concerns are jobs, housing and programs that will benefit city residents. 

Autumn Vogel


Autumn is a graduate of Allegheny College and currently works as a cooperative business developer for Keystone Development Center. Before getting elected to Meadville City Council in 2019, she worked as the Community Development Coordinator for the Meadville Redevelopment Authority, during which time she developed and administered  the Entrepreneur Accelerator Grant Program and the Commercial Facade Improvement Program to support local businesses. Autumn has also been involved in a number of grassroots community projects over the years, including the Second Saturday Community Markets, Thankful Thursdays, the Meadville Area Teen Lounge, the Meadville Neighborhood Center, the Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative, Common Roots, and the Grow Meadville community gardens.  Autumn also worked as the Project Coordinator for My Meadville, where she spent two years working alongside volunteers to conduct over 700 interviews with city residents.  The resulting My Meadville Community Action Plan included thirty agenda items for positive, community-driven change. Since getting elected to City Council, Autumn has been working to enact some of these agenda items in collaboration with Meadville residents.  She is running for re-election to help plan for the long-term economic well-being of Meadville and to help build long-lasting programs to reduce the cost of housing.   

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