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Larry McKnight &

Autumn Vogel 

It's time for new faces on City Council
Larry McKnight & Autumn Vogel
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We Need . . .
Safe & Affordable

We believe that every Meadville resident deserves safe, affordable, quality housing. This includes the 57% of Meadville residents that rent their homes. We want to see rent stabilization, increased code enforcement, and a registry of all rental properties. 

That Works For All

We need a transparent, inclusive government. We will make it easy to participate in decisions that affect all of us. We want the city to extend on the groundwork laid by the My Meadville project. We want regular town hall meetings, participatory budgeting, and a formal, publicized process for municipal board openings and appointments. 

Public Spaces

We will foster shared community resources and public amenities. We will work on improving all of our parks, reviving summertime opportunities for youth, establishing neighborhood hubs, increasing the number of benches, trash cans, and pet waste stations, and implementing special councils to consult on health and environmental issues. 

Check out Our Platform for more information!

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