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In 2019 Vote for Meadville ran a slate of two candidates for City Council - Larry McKnight & Autumn Vogel - and we won! But we always knew our problems wouldn't magically go away with two new leaders on Council. That's why we're running another slate of candidates.

Running Together ... to improve the lives of all residents. 

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Jaime Kinder -   Mayoral Candidate

Jaime Kinder

Jaime Kinder is a mother of three and lifelong resident of Meadville along with her mother, grandparents, and great grandparents. Jaime attended Edinboro University as an adult student and studied sociology and African American history. Jaime has worked in sales and management for most of her life, and she has a wide range of work experience, including cleaning services at Allegheny College, cashiering and factory work in Meadville. Currently, Kinder is the co-owner of Evolution Printing Systems, a custom printing and promotional product retail store that has been a part of the Meadville community since 2017.

Jaime is running for Mayor because she wants to be an advocate for people of all stripes, not just the privileged few. Additionally, Jaime is running to support efforts to build a diverse and thriving downtown community for local businesses and residents.  She is also committed to ensuring quality public spaces and the right to safe and affordable housing. “Everyone who lives in our community, no matter what neighborhood, should enjoy safe housing and well-kept parks, streets and sidewalks,” Jaime said.


Jack Harkless - City Council Candidate

Jack was born and raised in the Meadville area and is now raising a family here. Jack is an Allegheny College graduate who has been involved in the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Crawford County Democratic Committee. As a Program Specialist for the Barber National Institute, Jack oversees almost 50 employees and 5 group homes that serve intellectually disabled clients in Erie, helping to guide the lives of these individuals to become more independent. Jack also served on the leadership team for My Meadville, a community project to identify what matters most to city residents. Jack credits his work with My Meadville as part of his decision to run for City Council. “I see this as a way to follow through on the promises we made to create real change,” Jack said.


Gretchen Myers - City Council Candidate

Since 2001, Myers has run her business, Allegro Dance Arts, on Market Street.  In addition, she teaches as adjunct faculty at Allegheny College and for area schools through the Enrichment Program.  She is a “Certified End of Life Doula,” a student of integral theory, and enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, running and skiing in Crawford County. Gretchen is running for city council because of her commitment to the well-being of Meadville.  “We do our best work when we listen, expand our understanding, and collaborate with each other,” Gretchen said.  “City council is a place where this can happen." Gretchen's goal is to "put vision on the agenda" and to make informed and timely actions for the wellbeing of the city today and for generations to come.

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